Poetics # 004

The Great Works in Progress

Come one, come all
And see the great works of progress!
One man, one woman
Like me, like you
Behold, the great works of progress!

First carved in stone
For strength and perfection
We grew bored of their unchanging poses
And perfection proved vain
As we lost ours in time

The ones blown from glass
Proved pristine and clear
We saw their make, the world beyond their hollow
But they grew pious, baring all
Only to find nothing to look at, but rather through

And so we grew poor with our great works of progress
Unfinished, unsatisfied
Unimpressed, unfulfilled
We gathered muck to try once again
And kneaded it to life, formed woman, formed man

And so we made you, and so we made me
Behold, the great works in progress.