Poetics # 001

The Green Came First

The grass was greener.
It cushioned my feet as I walked,
The smell lifting to my nose with each step,
Retreating as the blades stood back up behind me.

In half a life, I had never seen this before.
With new lenses I took in the world again.
The green came first; brightest.
I filled my chest and closed my eyes,
Felt my heart beating as the human electric lifted me up
and danced from the back of my head out to my ears.

I’ll keep looking now, each and every day.
I want the reds, the yellows, the oranges and blues.
I want every color.
I want to see what light is made of because I can now.
I want to wonder at its pieces in all things and make my own.

I will always remember green though.
The green came first.